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Italian Leather - Why It’s the Best

For the LEATHERFLO woman, quality is important. In the fashion industry, Italian leather is well known for being extremely high quality, making it the very best material. The high level of craftsmanship and care that goes into the italian leather making process does not compare with other leather products around the world. Italian leather isn’t mass produced and takes substantially longer to manufacture than other alternatives as well, meaning that the price is worth the investment when you are looking for a product that is truly the best.  If you are in the market for high quality leather goods, read on to learn more about what makes Italian leather so special and what you should look for when purchasing it.  Where Italian...

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How to take care and maintain Vegetable Tanned Leather?

The leather used for our products is mainly vegetable tanned, the oldest type of tanning.  This leather is one of the most requested Italian materials and consequently so are the derivative products such as our bags, our wallets and our travel bags, which we have always tried to make exclusive. Vegetable tanned leather is beautiful because it is natural, but it also needs extra attention during its use. First of all, remember that it is similar to human skin, so it can get scratched, stained and damaged. We recommend that you: do not stain it with coffee, alcohol, sugary drinks, oils or acidic and sanitizing substances.   do not expose it to direct sunlight for a long time (especially in...

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The quality of the materials for us is essential and we produce bags just with best quality leather in Italy. But how do you understand when a product is made with genuine leather?   Many of the tricks to understand it are related to our senses, like touch and smell. In fact, true leather is easily recognizable by touch, you feel a typical feeling of warmth; Furthermore has a pleasant and unmistakable smell, far away from plastic or other synthetic material. Ok, but what if we can’t touch the skin with our hands and maybe we want to buy it online? To be sure one must rely on sight, one of our most important senses, with the help by a pinch...

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We strongly believes in the strengths that Made in Italy represents all over the world, because "Made in Italy" it's not just a guarantee of where a bag comes from, but it is a philosophy!   Buy a ‘Made in Italy’ handbag of genuine leather that represents the leather district ‘par excellence’, means choose the perfect combination of the characteristics that a quality bag should have. A bag entirely designed, made and crafted in Italy is the synthesis of a certified product, unique, differentiated from the others for the curacy of the details and the quality of the leather. The excellence of the leather worked in Tuscany is perceived by touch and smell, but it is also seen in the workmanship of leather. This excellence is built day by day by the...

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