About Us


LEATHERFLO is online leather boutique based in Tuscany, Italy for the best quality vegetable tanned leather goods, especially leather bags and accessories.

LEATHERFLO creates a direct connection between you and Italian artisans. Discover a world of craftsmanship and timeless works of art.

You will meet the real Italian artisan craftsmanship masterpieces which have been family treasures for generations in Italy. Our products are designed for your sophisticated and delicate taste of fashion.

LEATHERFLO wants to carry on the art and mastery of Florentine artisans and does so by developing classic models made of genuine vegetable-tanned and hand-buffered leather guaranteed by the Genuine Leather Consortium.

Show your elegance and express your personality with the finest Italian craftsmanship.

LEATHERFLO, be your absolute best.



LEATHERFLO’s mission is combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies to create prestigious Italian leather fashion for your modern self.

With the sole objective of guaranteeing the best quality, we aim to conquer the international luxury leather fashion market.

 We promise you, only the best quality MADE IN ITALY leather.



Vegetable tanned leather is one of the most in-demand Italian materials for bags, wallets, jackets, sofas, etc. It simply is one of the higher quality products in the fashion world.

You will witness the change of your leather, from matte to glossy. As time goes on our products naturally become shinier and they get more comfortable the longer you use them.

 You will be pleasantly surprised with how beautifully vegetable tanned leather transforms through its life!

This is the main power of our leather!

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